• “Make me Laugh” – Humorous game concepts at the Global Game Jam 2024 in Koblenz

    The Global Game Jam 2024 has once again proven to be a globally recognized event for game developers. An impressive 31 GGJ events took place in Germany this year, with the only one in Rhineland-Palatinate being organized by Binary Impact at the TechnologieZentrum Koblenz (TZK).

  • Rhineland-Palatinate developer studio presents new business simulation

    We would like to invite media representatives from the Rhineland-Palatinate and Westerwald region to visit our booth at Gamescom to get a first glimpse of our new game and discuss it.

  • Technical Artist (all genders) for Unity 3D

    Technical Artist (all genders) for Unity 3D This is a full-time, full remote position. (Residents from Germany or EU countries, only.) We are looking for an

  • Senior Unity Developer (all genders)

    Senior Unity Developer (all genders) Full-time, full remote from all over Germany We are looking for experienced Unity developers who would like to join us.

  • Binary Impact hosts Global Game Jam 2023 event in Koblenz, Germany

    Binary Impact hosted Global Game Jam 2023 event at TZK Koblenz.

  • How to setup Volumetric Clouds in Unity – HDRP Tutorial (Part 1)

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to add stunning Volumetric Clouds to your Unity3D project using Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline.

  • Westerwald company receives media funding from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

    The software company Binary Impact was awarded a grant of EUR 37,146.40 by the jury of the Rhineland-Palatinate media funding in the second award round of the year 2022 in the area of games.

  • Instantiate is mostly used to return a GameObject

    #UnityTips Instantiate is mostly used to return a GameObject. But since it is a generic method of the Object class it can also return a transform. Depending on

  • Screenshot www.rhein-zeitung.de vom 11.10.2022 / Foto: Matthias Kolk

    A journalist from the “Rhein-Zeitung” visited us

    An editor of the "Westerwälder Zeitung" (local edition of the Rhein-Zeitung) visited our office in Niederelbert. We talked about the German computer game indus

  • GameUp! Rhineland-Palatinate at gamescom 2022

    Mainz, 19.08.2022 gamescom 2022: As an analogy to the wine tavern, Rhineland-Palatinate will gather in the Gamesstube at the world's largest visitor fair for v

  • Joint initiative of the regional games industry

    Mainz, 28.06.2022 Seven games developers from Rhineland-Palatinate join forces to make Rhineland-Palatinate more visible as a games location. On Tuesday, J

  • Free Raspberry E-Book

    Already in 2020, Sebastian Pohl brought "Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte“ a Book on the market that reflects his passion for do-it