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Binary Impact

About us

Binary Impact GmbH is an owner-managed company with a history of over 30 years. Founded in 1987 with the aim of offering consulting and development services, a generational change took place in 2016 with a partial realignment and the choice of a new name. In addition to services in the banking and mainframe segments, we have since been able to offer customized software and hardware solutions for various industries. Extensive services for television and event technology are also included.

Today, we can proudly look back on an extensive and diverse list of satisfied customers whom we have been able to help with the development and maintenance of their projects or the realization of events.

General Software Development
Multi-Platform App Development
Videogame Development
Virtual reality / augmented reality applications
Visual effects for TV and film productions
Equipment for Events / Livestreaming


You are the aspiring captain Martin. A novice who has just crashed the entire spaceship, which is now falling apart. Together with MARBLE, your smart and sassy escape pod, you must use your environment and MARBLE’s special abilities to escape the wreckage. BEAM is a precision platformer with puzzle elements, in which you’ll have to manipulate different light beams to find a way out. With MARBLE’s special fog, you can change the properties of these light beams so that you can roll on them, jump on them, or even stick to them.

In over 12 hours of gameplay, find out how each beam works, experiment with different approaches to solving the problem, discover a lively backstory, and experience the hilarious interaction between the two.

Precision Plattformer
approx. 12 hours playing time
English, German, Russian
Physics puzzles in a dynamic environment
High resolution, detailed graphics
Eastereggs and Secrets – Take the time and explore everything

Parking World

Imagine creating and managing your own parking garage – that’s exactly what Parking World makes possible! Here you have full control: design your parking garage exactly as you want it, manage the operation and your team with flair, master exciting challenges and use state-of-the-art technologies.

Discover the variety: from rustic grass and mud parking lots familiar from festivals to exclusive VIP areas and the hustle and bustle of multi-story airport parking garages.

Citybuilder and simulation
Various campaigns and sandbox mode
English, German
Dynamic weather and traffic
High-resolution, detailed 3D graphics
Build your perfect parking garage