Niederelbert, the 28.07.2023

Binary Impact, the developer studio from Niederelbert in Westerwald, Germany, is pleased to announce its participation at Gamescom 2023. We present our games at the state booth of Rhineland-Palatinate, organized by “GameUp!” – the Rhineland-Palatinate software and games forum for game developers.

After the success of the game BEAM, supported by the computer game promotion and released on Steam, we offer the press and the public the opportunity to experience our new title, a business simulation on the theme of parking. We plan to release this new game, which has won both federal and state computer game funding, with the help of our publisher Aerosoft.

We would like to invite media representatives from the Rhineland-Palatinate and Westerwald region to visit our booth at Gamescom to get a first glimpse of our new game and discuss it. It’s a great opportunity to shed light on the topic of regional software developers at international games fair or explore other stories around our studio.

Besides game development, Binary Impact is also a developer studio in the public sector as well as in the automotive, transport and industrial sectors. Therefore, we also offer insight into our cross-industry applications and services, if desired.

Visit us at Gamescom at one of our three hands-on stations at the Rhineland-Palatinate state booth (Hall 10.2, Booth E020g-D021g) or make an appointment to get a deeper insight into our work.