• Application Software Development (2D/3D)
  • Development of VR / AR Applications
  • Multi-Platform App Development
  • Videogame Development
  • Planning and realization of Events / Livestreaming
Our Services

A bit more detail

General Software Development

The development of customized software solutions is one of our core areas. In addition to classic desktop applications, we also develop modern web solutions using current frameworks and programming languages. The creation of mobile apps for popular operating systems is also part of our daily business. We implement complex 2D/3D applications with real-time rendering using Unity.

Videogame Development

Out of personal interest, the first plans to program an own computer game arose quite early. This project introduced industry-typical tools and developer environments. After a short time we helped other development studios to realize mobile games for Android and iOS.


When implementing applications in the field of virtual and augmented reality, the combination of classic software programming and games-focused development is a clear added value. This technology transfer enables us to develop efficient and more interesting individual solutions.

Event Engineering

We support requests from the event and television industry with classic services as well as individual solutions. This includes professional sound and lighting design for events and film/television productions as well as the provision of trained personnel for operation. In addition, we develop customized software solutions if applications already in use cannot be adapted to new requirements and thus cannot deliver the desired range of functions.

Visual Effects

In both video and games, we realize visual effects such as green screen editing and 3D animation for clients.

We have already implemented this for TV stations, media agencies and artists.

Delivered successfully

Some projects realized so far

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    Mixed Reality training applications in AR / VR and on the Microsoft HoloLens 2.

    BIG creates various training applications for a well-known rail transport company. This includes a wide range of target devices and techniques.

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    Editor for autonomous (AI-assisted) parking environments

    For the VW Group, the company Binary Impact GmbH is creating an editor to dynamically create new parking environments on which the AI systems of the autonomous vehicles can be trained and tested.

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    Re-implementation, maintenance and new development of AR applications for Android and iOS

    For a large marketing company, BIG re-implemented several existing augmented reality applications for various operating systems, as well as conceptualized and developed additional applications.

Our Clients

We have already realized projects for the following customers, among others


What clients say about us

"Our Immersive Technology team has been developing Augmented & Virtual Reality solutions for Deutsche Bahn for many years. The support provided by Jens Wiechering and Sebastian Pohl has been exemplary in all joint projects. In addition to their extensive Unity know-how and professional approach, I would particularly like to emphasize the optimal collaboration with our internal team."

Martin Respondek

Project Manager DB Systel GmbH

"Binary Impact is for us an always creative, reliable, competent and solution-oriented partner for complex problems and tasks, with whom we are always very happy to work."

Ben Palfner

GameUp! Project Manager

"With more than 15 years of collaboration, Binary Impact and in particular Jens and Sebastian are among my longest partners. After various large events as well as TV productions, I would especially like to emphasize the problem-solving approach of the joint projects."

Jörg Landstorfer

Technical Manager Helena Music