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Direct contact persons for your projects

Sebastian Pohl

Executive Director

+49 2667 75 69 877

Over 15 years of experience in Unity 3D on industrial projects. Guest lecturer at the University of Koblenz for 3D modeling, animation and Unity 3D. Author of the book “Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte“.

Jens Wiechering

Executive Director

+49 171 17 89 257

Founder of Binary Impact with over 12 years of experience in Unity 3D on industrial projects. 15+ years of experience in theater, film, TV productions and movie lighting.

How it all started

Brief history


Founded as Consus EDV Beratung GmbH

Support and consulting by Norbert Wiechering for IT projects in the field of large data centers as well as the development of the corresponding software. Mainly in the financial sector.


Change of company name to Binary Impact GmbH

With a new name and the managing directors Sebastian Pohl and Jens Wiechering, the areas of responsibility were expanded. As of now, Binary Impact also offers general software development as well as event planning and execution.


Binary Impact as a developer studio

In addition to the diverse projects, Binary Impact GmbH developed and published the game "Beam". As the first developer studio in Rhineland-Palatinate, the GmbH receives a BMVI grant and through its commitment to the games industry, Binary Impact also becomes known nationwide. This also expands the field of activity. New projects in the automotive and transport sectors are on the horizon.


Award for beam and new projects

The game "Beam" receives the GermanDevDays Award for the best sound. New customers, as well as new projects require an increase in size. The original three shareholders have now become eight employees.


Healthy growth, varied projects

Today, Binary Impact GmbH with 9 employees is an attractive employer in the Westerwald / Rhineland-Palatinate. As a software developer, Binary Impact implements interesting projects for customers from various industries such as transportation, automotive or communications engineering.

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