Niederelbert, 29.09.2020

The precision platformer BEAM from the Rhineland-Palatinate studio Binary Impact is now available on Steam. It is the first game from the German developer studio and can be purchased for 15.99€.

In BEAM, we send the player on a journey with his escape pod on his way back to civilization. The precision platformer with puzzle elements offers over seven hours of challenging gameplay, where the player has to use different properties of light beams to master the levels full of physics puzzles with his ball. The dynamic 3D environment combined with a 2.5D game mechanic and the simple controls ensure varied fun and a quick introduction to the game. The game is available now for €15.99 on Steam.

A first impression is provided by the official BEAM trailer at:

On the journey through two main chapters, each designed in its own unique graphic style, the player takes on the role of the aspiring captain Martin. He has just crashed his spaceship and must now find his way out of the wreckage with the talking, intelligent, but also very cheeky and sassy rescue capsule MARBLE. To do this, the MARBLE can modify various light beams on the spacecraft so that the sphere can roll or jump on the light beams, among other things.

It’s worth taking a closer look and exploring BEAM, because there are a lot of hidden Eastereggs and Secrets. To allow everyone to create their own challenge, a custom level editor is also in the works and will soon be made available to players as part of a free update. Also, the third chapter of the game with 10 new levels will be delivered soon for free via patch.

Key Features:

  • Two main chapters with more than 19 individually designed levels
  • Third chapter will be delivered free of charge via patch
  • Around 8 hours of gameplay (with the 3rd chapter over 10 hours)
  • Physics puzzles in a dynamic environment
  • Eastereggs and Secrets to discover
  • More than 50 Achievements
  • A level editor will be made available soon

More information can be found at