The Global Game Jam 2024 has once again proven to be a globally recognized event for game developers. An impressive 31 GGJ events took place in Germany this year, with the only one in Rhineland-Palatinate being organized by Binary Impact at the TechnologieZentrum Koblenz (TZK). Here, 30 creative developers gathered to develop humorous and innovative games within 48 hours under the motto “Make me Laugh”.

A relaxed atmosphere prevailed at TZK from January 26 to 28, 2024. In teams of up to five people, the participants realized their humorous ideas, which resulted in the development of eight amusing games. The developers were also helped by the food and drink on offer, as well as rest areas for crucial breaks.

Jens Wiechering and Sebastian Pohl, the managing directors of Binary Impact, expressed their appreciation. Mr. Wiechering emphasized:“A special thanks to our cooperation partners, without whose support this event would not have been possible.” Mr. Pohl added: “It is especially pleasing that many students from the University of Koblenz from the Computational Visualistics course took part in the Global Game Jam again this year.”

The games created as part of the jam can be viewed and tried out on the official Global Game Jam website:

The event generated a remarkable response in the regional media. Coverage on SWR radio, on television and in the Rheinzeitung newspaper emphasized the importance and success of the Global Game Jam, especially for Rhineland-Palatinate. Binary Impact would like to express its sincere thanks for this positive media response.

Binary Impact would also like to thank all participants and helpers for their contribution to the success of the event.

The team is already looking forward to the next Global Game Jam, which will take place from January 24 to 26, 2025.