In cooperation with LITE Games we present „MasterMind Deluxe“

15.07.2020|Categories: News|

Logic puzzles are your thing? No brainteaser is too tricky for you? Your mastermind has cracked every code in the book? Then MasterMind Deluxe is perfect for you!

The classic 2-player codebreaker for your mobile device is now even more challenging with five instead of four colors. Combine the different pegs and find out the correct order by following the coder’s hints.

Accept the challenge and download the app now from the App Store or Google Play:

MasterMind offers a relaxing offline mode that lets you save and continue your game. So you can either crack the code at once or make small progress during the daily bus ride or your lunch break. With patience and logical deduction you will certainly reach your goal!

The intuitive drag-and-drop controls give the app a realistic feel, just as if you were playing a real board game. Drag the pegs across the board and put them in the right place. Minimal effort, huge fun!

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Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte

03.07.2020|Categories: News|

Für Sebastian Pohl (Mitgründer Binary Impact GmbH) was es schon immer besonders interessant, Elektrogeräte nicht einfach wegzuwerfen, wenn sie nicht mehr funktionierten, sondern sie zu reparieren oder sogar zu verbessern. Aus dem gelegentlichen Austausch durchgebrannter Sicherungen oder defekter Bauteile ist eine Leidenschaft für Do-it-yourself Projekte im Elektronikbereich geworden. Während seines Informatikstudiums werden die Projekte immer komplexer, sodass die Einführung des Raspberry Pi ein großes Ereignis war: Endlich war es möglich, auch kompakte Prototypen mit vergleichsweise starker Rechenpower auszurüsten. Diese Begeisterung wurde von Ihm dann auch ins Berufsleben als Soft- und Hardwareentwickler übernommen, wo er regelmäßig im Kundenauftrag Machbarkeitsversuche oder Einzelstücke für den Einsatz in vielen Bereichen von digital Signage bis hin zur Veranstaltungstechnik anfertigt.

Sebastian hat sich entschlossen seine Erfahrungen zu teilen und hat diese in dem Fachbuch Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte zusammengefasst. Der Raspberry Pi hat die Welt der Bastler revolutioniert: Trotz seiner nur kreditkartengroßen Form ist er ein vollwertiger Mini-Computer und bietet nahezu unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten für spannende Projekte in verschiedensten Bereichen.

Mit diesem Buch lernen Sie praxisnah die notwendigen Grundlagen des Betriebssystems Linux zur effizienten Arbeit mit dem Pi, die Programmierung mit Python sowie die Grundlagen der Elektronik. Den Abschluss des Buchs bilden umfassende Beispielprojekte zum Nachbauen. So könne Sie die Möglichkeiten des Raspberry Pi voll ausnutzen und eigene Ideen umsetzen!

Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte auf Amazon.de

Version 0.1.0b30

09.06.2020|Categories: News|

The focus of our work for this version was split in two major areas.
First and foremost we wanted to get the demo ready for steam. In which we succeeded! The demo is available on steam Tuesday the 9th of June 7 pm CEST.

Secondly we were working on Level 1.5, the last level we were going to add to our demo. The new level is finished and playable in the new version.

Of course we also fixed a lot of bugs and minor game-play issues and replaced them with new ones for you to find 😉

If you have any questions regarding Beam, you can directly reach our community manager Zinni by mail (thomasz@binaryimpact.de), join our Discord or send a DM in one of our socials.

Donate for the project here: http://bit.ly/BeamOnItch

Wishlist the game: http://bit.ly/BeamOnSteam

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – Steam compatibility
  • Added – New music track
  • Added – FOV change in the camera, our artists can now adjust it in the level trigger
  • Added – Game version and date to the bug report file
  • Added – Corrupt save file warnings to the in game console
  • Fixed – Issues with the „continue“ button after finishing the demo
  • Fixed – Small bug on level loading
  • Fixed – Keyboard and controller navigation links through settings
  • Fixed – An issue in the spline manager to get a better result for GetClosestPointLength
  • Improved – Better chapter selection menu
  • Improved – Better time measurement for level completion time
  • Improved – Better blending of selection arrows in chapter menu
  • Improved – Model and texture of a few wall pieces
  • Improved – Did some house cleaning
  • Changed – Camera movement to be more consistent and intuitive
  • Changed – The player movement on splines to be exactly on the spline instead of „somewhere close“ XD
  • Removed – Gizmos from the plane change to conserve performance
  • Added – Level 1.5
  • Fixed – Level 1.1 – Barrel getting stuck on first barrel puzzle
  • Changed – Level 1.1 – Closed hole in ceiling
  • Changed – Level 1.1 – Rebuilt the repair station room
  • Added – Level 1.2 – New collider for top beams
  • Added – Level 1.2 – Collider for pipes
  • Improved – Level 1.2 – Removed flying ceiling
  • Improved – Level 1.2 – Moved some orange beams
  • Improved – Level 1.2 – Camera cover
  • Changed – Level 1.2 – Camera trigger
  • Added – Level 1.3 – A few camera triggers for better visibility
  • Improved – Level 1.3 – Visibility in corridors
  • Improved – Level 1.3 – Moved save point to the end of the corridor for better visibility after the big climb
  • Removed – Level 1.3 – Unnecessary plane change positions in the airlock room
  • Added – Level 1.4 – Missing colliders
  • Improved – Level 1.4 – Visibility on plate puzzle in control room
  • Improved – Level 1.4 – Big bridge explosion animation
  • Improved – Level 1.4 – A new pipe construction prevents jumping on the bridge and missing the animation
  • Changed – Level 1.4 – DOT effect flamethrower

New Unity Tips Page

15.04.2020|Categories: News|

Now you can find all our Unity Tips on one well organized page and the best thing is: You can even filter by the topics that interest you the most:

Unity Tips Page

Everything you need in one place!

Global Game Jam 2020 in Koblenz: 8 game projects in 48 hours

03.02.2020|Categories: News|

Last weekend, Binary Impact hosted the Global Game Jam for the third time in the row at TZK – Technologiezentrum Koblenz and for the fourth time in total. Under the motto „repair“ over 40 game jammers from all over germany and other european countries came together to spend a creative weekend.

At the final event on sunday, eight unique projects were presented. From environment fixing onions, over to desert pirates who need to repair their ship to colourful rythem games. We had them all. All games created in the context of the Global Game Jam in Koblenz can be viewed on the official website: http://bit.ly/GGJGames2020

The Global Game Jam takes place at the end of january of every year. On many locations all over the world, programmers, graphic artists, game and sound designers come together to create games in less then 48 hours.