Niederelbert, den 05.12.2023

How often do you find yourself participating a global exchange event within the gaming industry?

Even in the role of the regional representative for Rhineland-Palatinate within the German Game Association, game e.V., such opportunities are relatively scarce. It was a distinct honor to represent both the German Game Association and Binary Impact at the Africa Games Week in Cape Town, particularly at Games 4 Change Africa on behalf of GiZ (Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit). 

Beyond the structured sessions comprising talks and workshops, the event provided countless chances for networking. We gained significant insights into the host country and its emerging games sector. Our observation is that Africa is teeming with optimism and untapped potential. 

The atmosphere at the event was incredibly welcoming, friendly and overall filled with positive energy. The amiable and pleasant interactions contributed to a tangible spirit of optimism that was truly inspiring. Even the rather lengthy 13-hour flight was just a small price for such a profoundly enriching experience. 

The potential of the local developer community is evident, with a small gap only in more comprehensive senior-level training. For German companies eyeing collaboration, the shared time zone with Africa presents an advantage for enhanced team coordination. We look forward to exploring these opportunities in the near future. 

Our sincere thanks go to GiZ for the invitation, thoughtful planning, and making our participation possible. We really hope that we can take part in future exchanges and events aswell!