• Camera Main

    #unitytips Did you know that Camera.main calls Object.FindObjectWithTag("MainCamera") ? And will do every time you use Camera.main! Better cache your Camera an

  • Pooling System

    #UnityTips We will kickoff the new year of tips with this one: Unity 2021.1 now has built-in pooling system! A little bit of reading but useful in the future:h

  • Reorderable Lists

    #UnityTips We did it! 52 Tips in 2020 we did not skip a single Tuesday!Something new today: Since #Unity 2020.2 Arrays and Lists are reorderable by default. You

  • Shift Alt A

    #UnityTips Save a few mouse-meters each day:shift + alt + a activates or deactivates the currently selected gameobject 😎#shortcut #gamedev #indiedev pic

  • PostProcessBuildAttribute

    #UnityTips This week we have a script for you!😎 Use the PostProcessBuildAttribute to call scripts when a build was finished.Look at the image, on how to

  • Profile the editor

    #UnityTip Did you know that you can use the profiler to profile the editor?!? 🤯#performance #gamedev #indiedev pic.twitter.com/dZVZj1rUhS— Binary

  • Distribute Workload over time

    #UnityTips This is one pattern to distribute workload of multiple instances calling an expensive function.Call a coroutine with a random delay offset and then s

  • Additive Scene Loading

    #UnityTips When you load scenes additive onto your control scene do not forget to set the new scene active.Otherwise your scene lighting settings wont be applie

  • Compare two GameObjects

    #UnityTips A way to reliably compare two GameObjects.Use Object.RefrenceEquals(obj1, obj2)Like this 👇Also you can use to check if a GameObject is null b

  • Die Kugel rollt! BEAM ist ab sofort auf Steam verfügbar

    Niederelbert, den 29.09.2020 Der Präzisions-Plattformer BEAM vom rheinland-pfälzischen Studio Binary Impact ist ab sofort auf Steam verfügbar. Es ist das erste

  • Version 0.1.0b8

    A lot has changed in the last couple of months. This includes improved graphics, the fantastic work of our voice talents, a new, more minimalistic, user interf

  • Patch Notes Version 0.0.1a25

    This patch will also be the version you can play at Herofest 2019 come by our booth! We are also showing of the game in Cologne at the Indie Game Fest. We took

  • Version 0.0.1a24

    This patch will also be the version you can play at EGX 2019 come by our booth! We added a complete new Level for you to explore. Also, at some places in the ga

  • Game Membership

    We are now official member of the association of the German games industry. https://game.de/en/ We are looking forward to meet a lot of interesting and like min

  • Version 0.0.1a22

    This is a minor post GamesCom 2019 patch. We mostly reacted to your feedback and fiddled with the levels. A crate here, a few degrees rotate a lightbeam there.