Version 0.0.1.a18

For the easter weekend we have another patch for you. Especially after seeing some of the bugs in different streams xD


  • Fixed – Controls not working in the main menu for some players after playing one or more level.
  • Added – Complete navigation control for all control types to the menues.
  • Level

  • Added – Broken gangway in tutorial to prevent players from shooting through the level after the anti-grav-shaft.
  • Improved – Rearanged beam tutorial text box triggers.
  • Fixed – Level 5 – The „Waschtrommel“ now has no collider errors that allow beams to go through.
  • Fixed – Level 5 – Missing collider in reaktor.
  • Fixed – Level 6 – Missing collider at the current end of the hangar.
  • Added – Level 6 – A box after the closing door to prevent people from loosing the barrel after seeing it in a stream and thinking D’oh!
  • Fixed – Level 6 – crane not moving riddle now solvable as intended.
  • Version 0.0.1a17

    After the extensive and awesome feedback we got at the gamefest in Berlin, here the first of many patches to come.


  • Fixed – more then one key on the keyboard triggers a jump.
  • Fixed – A button on controllers shoots fog.
  • Improved – Escape (keyboard) and Start (Controller) now also closes the pause menu again.
  • Improved – Mouse Cursor now disappears when using the Controller.
  • Changed – Right Stick now only aims the fog to actually shoot it you need to use the right trigger.
  • Added – Mouse Cursor is now a fancy Icon.
  • Added – A wide array of dual stick controllers.
  • Added – Possibility to choose between direct fog / aim and trigger.
  • System

  • Added – Console command to show different stats about the game and the system.
  • Changed – Ball fog recharge rate by -30%.
  • Level

  • Fixed – Level 3 – Fogdensity in fogpit in abyss challenge.
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Missing Collider over wrong Pipesystem in abyss challenge.
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Flying Box on second overhanging container entry.
  • Improved – Lever prefab now has a socket.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Deleted the pipe that was blocking the view to the control screen on final lever.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Added missing collider on first red bounce beam.
  • Improved – Level 1 – Added missing collider top left side of hangar.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Added missing collider on the strange rotating machine above the reactor.
  • Improved – Level 2 – Container in each other on first red challenge.
  • Changed – Reactor Level – Postprocess stack not prefab.
  • Master Mind Extended

    Ein neues Android Spiel im Google Play Store erhältlich: „Master Mind Extended“ wurde released.

    Es ist eine Android Adaprtion eines alten Brettspielklassikers. In dieser erweiterten Version von Master Mind hat man es mit 8 Farben und einem 5 stelligem Code zu tun. Das ergibt satte 32768 verschiedene Variationen. Somit entstehen Stunden von Kombinieren und Rätseln.

    Das Spiel ist kostenlos im Play Store verfügbar.

    Jetzt bei Google Play

    Google Play und das Google Play-Logo sind Marken von Google Inc.

    BIG 30 – oder das 30 jährige Jubiläum

    Von den Anfängen im Bereich der Großrechner bis zu unserem heutigen Betätigungsfeld, blicken wir auf 30 Jahre voller Innovationen und technischer Entwicklung zurück. Wir möchten uns bei allen Weggefährten – Kollegen, Kunden, Geschäftspartnern und Freunden – für eine erfolgreiche und angenehme Zusammenarbeit bedanken. So können wir mit Sicherheit sagen: Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zukunft und das nächste Jubiläum.


    Crate Deathmatch – A different kind of Shooter

    How would your life be if you were a crate? Just a simple crate like hundreds of similar crates in a warehouse?

    And what if you had guns?

    And the other crates are trying to kill you.

    Well, that is the idea behind our newest little project. It is a Deathmatch experience with a twist. Instead of human-like soldiers every player is a crate. And the levels are full of crates that look exactly like you.

    Essentially it is a remake of a modification for Quake 3 that was called CrateDM3. It may sound weird but trust us, it is a lot of fun!

    We are currently working on the base mechanics and will soon do first multiplayer tests.

    Beam The Mechanics

    Hello and welcome to beam – the mechanics. We thought it is about time to explain how this game will work. So we made this Video. We want to thank Vera for lending us her awesome Voice for this one. This is still some Alpha footage and we have still a long way ahead.