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Crate Deathmatch – A different kind of Shooter


How would your life be if you were a crate? Just a simple crate like hundreds of similar crates in a warehouse?

And what if you had guns?

And the other crates are trying to kill you.

Well, that is the idea behind our newest little project. It is a Deathmatch experience with a twist. Instead of human-like soldiers every player is a crate. And the levels are full of crates that look exactly like you.

Essentially it is a remake of a modification for Quake 3 that was called CrateDM3. It may sound weird but trust us, it is a lot of fun!

We are currently working on the base mechanics and will soon do first multiplayer tests.

Crate Deathmatch – A different kind of Shooter2018-06-11T14:50:42+02:00

Beam The Mechanics


Hello and welcome to beam – the mechanics. We thought it is about time to explain how this game will work. So we made this Video. We want to thank Vera for lending us her awesome Voice for this one. This is still some Alpha footage and we have still a long way ahead.

Beam The Mechanics2018-06-11T14:54:17+02:00
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