• Version 0.0.1a21

    This patch will also be the version you can play at our GamesCom 2019 booth (Hall 2.1 Booth A050). We reworked most of the movement to make it more "crisp". A f

  • Version 0.0.1a20

    Due to events like the FMX and our preparation for the Unity Dev Day Hamburg this patch is slightly smaller. Mostly camera work and graphic / animation changes,

  • Unity Shadergraph Tutorial – Custom Shadergraph Loop Node

    Part three in the Series about Cracked Ice Material. This tutorial shows how to create a custom node in unity's shadergraph and use it to make the repetative pa

  • FMX 2019 Stuttgart

    "The same procedure as every year, James!" We are going to the FMX in Stuttgart. A week packed with interesting talks about the state of VFX and more. We also h

  • Version 0.0.1a19

    This weeks Patch is a bigger one since we updated Unity to the 2019.1 official release, updated all the camera controls and much more. Also a lot of the demo le

  • Version 0.0.1.a18

    For the easter weekend we have another patch for you. Especially after seeing some of the bugs in different streams xD Controls Fixed - Controls not working in

  • Beam now also on Steam

    Our game Beam now has a store page on Steam. You can follow the project and read our patch notes and plans we have for the game. And of course you can add beam

  • Version 0.0.1a17

    After the extensive and awesome feedback we got at the gamefest in Berlin, here the first of many patches to come. Controls Fixed - more then one key on the key

  • Beam @ Gamefest Berlin 12.4. – 14.4.2019

    For the first time ever we are showcasing our game Beam. We will be at the Gamefest Berlin from 12.4. to 14.4. with the support of the IndieArenaBooth. If you a

  • Substance Designer Tutorial – Cracked Ice Material

    Next part in the Series about Cracked Ice Material. How to make the textures needed for the Cracked Ice Shadergraph we made in Unity. This time we use Allegorit

  • We are hosting the GlobalGameJam

    For the third time we are hosting the Koblenz location of the GlobalGameJam. This year again in cooperation with the TZK-Koblenz. For the next 60 hours more tha

  • Cracked Ice Material in Unity 3D

    To start off the new year we decided to make a tutorial video for a cracked ice material made with unity in their shadergraph. It is the first video of an upcom

  • Master Mind Extended

    Ein neues Android Spiel im Google Play Store erhältlich: „Master Mind Extended“ wurde released. Es ist eine Android Adaprtion eines alten Brettspielklassikers.

  • BIG 30 – oder das 30 jährige Jubiläum

    Von den Anfängen im Bereich der Großrechner bis zu unserem heutigen Betätigungsfeld, blicken wir auf 30 Jahre voller Innovationen und technischer Entwicklung zu

  • VR Lander Demo

    Inspired by the original Lunar Lander by Atari from the year 1979. In VR demonstrated with the HTC Vive. Made in house for testing and fun purpose with Unity3d.