Due to events like the FMX and our preparation for the Unity Dev Day Hamburg this patch is slightly smaller. Mostly camera work and graphic / animation changes, but lets look at the details:


  • Changed – Tweeked camera values to work better with the already built levels.
  • Changed – Input system upgraded to new internal version. Removed wrapper classes for a more direct handling.
  • Changed – Moved the text prompts to the lower lefthand corner so it is no longer in the way of the scene.
  • Fixed – Bug where you could input commands while window not in focus and not rendering.
  • Added – Script controll for the rotation script and callbacks to the splinewalker.
  • Level

  • Added – New Container models for the old red container and the old silo container.
  • Added – Level 5 – Animation to the gear wheel on the first elevator.
  • Changed – Level 1 – Camera Cover to not see stars through the wall.
  • Changed – All Level – Little crystal adjustements.