This patch will also be the version you can play at our GamesCom 2019 booth (Hall 2.1 Booth A050). We reworked most of the movement to make it more „crisp“. A few bugs we had with the cinemachine are fixed as well. We also did a big rework of the tutorial level and added a completely broken part of the ship. Please give us some feedback about that section, because we want to add this damaged style to all the levels for more immersion into the storyline that is yet to come.

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Changed – Tweaked camera values to work better with the already built levels. Again xD
  • Changed – More responsive direction change, because physics!
  • Changed – Fog behavior with math.
  • Fixed- Debugged camera look ahead functionality
  • Fixed – Sometimes not jumping when in a corner. But you have to admit sometimes corners are cozy.
  • Fixed – Fog particles getting propelled with the ball upwards and activating undesired beams.
  • Fixed – Ball could sometimes collide with the physics field of the gravity beams.
  • Removed – We removed the wall jump also in the easy mode. We felt that is was not the right mechanic for this game and instead you are motivated to use the light-beams as intended.
  • Added – Slightly more gravitational pull on falling to add that „crisp“ feeling mentioned in the introduction.
  • Fixed – Minor house keeping and cleanup also fetched the dry-cleaning and made coffee.


  • Added – Level 1 – New damaged section with lighting effects and new models.
  • Added – Level 2 – Added two small container to make jumps on a gib one a little bit easier for new players.
  • Changed – Level 3 – Added a small platform for better handling of the barrel
  • Changed – Level 3 – Moved the platform at the first red riddle on the top right so the ball fits between the platform and the orange beam.
  • Changed – Level 3 – First red puzzle fix, beam angled more towards the right side
  • Changed – Level 5 – New colors on the color indicators of the lever riddle in the reactor level

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