This patch will also be the version you can play at EGX 2019 come by our booth!
We added a complete new Level for you to explore. Also, at some places in the game you can finally explore in the depth. So we heard you when you asked to explore the backlground.
Please give us more feedback we are always very happy to receive your ideas.

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Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – In special locations, you are now able to switch the playing plane. You can now enter background corridors. This will be indicated by a special icon
  • Added – Camera now turns smoothly between plane changes
  • Changed – Menu buttons now have clearly visible highlights, which also improves controller navigation
  • Changed – Camara movement has been smoothed to cause less nausea bouncing around.
  • Fixed – Linear Movement in spline moover.


  • Fixed – General – Boundaries and colliders of multiple sections have been reworked. Hopefully no bugging through walls anymore!
  • Changed – Level 1 – Added Tutorial to show how to switch planes (even before you learn to jump because you have to turn cameras before you jump! Wasn’t that the saying?)
  • Changed – Level 2 – Reworked upper section, this removes the long backtracking section.
  • Added – Level 2 – Hangar now features a moving crane which can be activated.
  • Added – Level 2 – Hangar now has a big vertical door, which may be opened.
  • Changed – Level 2 – Exit has now a new location and can be seen during the first section in the level. Can you spot it in the background?
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Barrel deadlock removed. Sorry!
  • Changed – Level 3 – Smoother barrel movement, we added platforms and stuff!
  • Fixed – Level 4 – Fixed some beam parts not working when interacting with fog. How the hell that happened we do not have a clue 😀
  • Added – Level 4 – Added a new platform in the abyss section to prevent you from falling too far down. We are not „getting over it!“
  • Changed – level 4 – Red beam section before the abyss leap improved, it is now a bit easier to get up into the ventilation tunnels.
  • Added – Level 5 – A complete new level to explore! ‚Nuff said!