A lot has changed in the last couple of months. This includes improved graphics, the fantastic work of our voice talents, a new, more minimalistic, user interface and much more. The demo will include the first three levels as they will be in the game later (mostly). Complete with story dialogues, lighting, music and everything that a game should have.

We are aiming to add two more levels the week after. Your first run will probably take about an hour for all five levels.

This demo will, other than bugfixes, not receive any more changes after.

We initially planed to show Beam at a lot of conventions, exhibitions and events. Unfortunately the Corona situation made it impossible. But with a bunch of very nice and entertaining content creators streaming Beam on Twitch you will still be able to see the game in action. Also keep an eye out for more YouTube coverage in the coming days!

Speaking of the pandemic situation, we want to assure you, all eight members of our team are safe and working from home. This will hopefully have no effect on the release plans.

If you have any questions regarding Beam, you can directly reach our community manager Zinni by mail (thomasz@binaryimpact.de), join our Discord or send a DM in one of our socials.

Get the free demo here: http://bit.ly/BeamOnItch

Wishlist the game: http://bit.ly/BeamOnSteam

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – Now finally possible to safe the game on special save station in the levels.
  • Added – By completing a level in the game it gets permanently unlocked and it can be selected from the „Chapter Select“ menu.
  • Added – Better occlusion culling.
  • Added – Resolution settings in the ingame menu.
  • Added – Windowed option in the ingame menu.
  • Added – General graphic quality settings. Which will be further improved to make the game run better on older machines.
  • Added – Options to rebind the controls in the ingame menu.
  • Added – Bug reporting with the ingame console. Refer to our Discord on how to send us the reports. No data is transferred automatically!
  • Added – Reporting file to track how fast people where in the levels so we can adjust the gameplay in relation to these information. Refer to our Discord on how to send us the reports. No data is transferred automatically!
  • Added – Additional music tracks in the game.
  • Added – Story dialogue between the MARBLE and Capt. Martin.
  • Added – Literally hundreds of new models and assets to improve the look and feel of a broken spaceship.
  • Improved – Overall visuals with atmospheric effects and new shaders and materials.
  • Improved – Beam Visuals and Beam activation effects.
  • Improved – All Beam interaction for a more consistent experience.
  • Improved – Camera and camera control.
  • Improved – All Movement behaviors.
  • Improved – To incorporate the new direction change in the levels we rebuilt them from scratch. So all level inside this demo will be fairly new even if you already played the demo before.
  • Fixed – All Red Beam Problems.
  • Fixed – Jumping bugs that occurred on some surfaces.
  • Fixed – Audio level settings not saved correctly.
  • Changed – Naming of levels now include the chapter they are in.


  • Changed – Level 1 now named 1.1 has been rebuilt extensively.
  • Changed – Level 2 now named 1.2 has been partly rebuilt.
  • Changed – Level 3 now named 1.3 is a completely new level, only some of the puzzles were added from the old level.