• save your complex search queries

    #UnityTips You can save your complex search queries to your project and commit them to your repository so other team members can use them to find your assets.

  • implement your own timescale

    #UnityTips Changing the Unity timescale might sometimes bring more problems then the gain from it. With something like this you can implement your own timescal

  • Rheinland-Pfälzisches Entwicklerstudio präsentiert neue Business-Simulation

    Wir möchten Medienvertreter aus der Region Rheinland-Pfalz und Westerwald einladen, unseren Stand auf der Gamescom zu besuchen, um einen ersten Einblick in unser neues Spiel zu erhalten und zu diskutieren.

  • good use of tuples

    #UnityTips Today we got another good use of tuples for you! You can use them to create named arguments 🤯#gamedev #indiedev pic.twitter.com/5JcjrQsuc2 —

  • connection via „OffMeshLink“ component

    #UnityTips If you have nav meshes that are not physically connected don't be desperate! You can make a connection which can be navigated by adding an "OffMeshL

  • interfaces can be generic

    #unitytips Did you know interfaces can be generic? In our example we have a serialization implementation for saving and loading all kinds of object to and from

  • careful when using the default keyword with quaternions

    #UnityTips Be careful when using the default keyword with quaternions! In our example we highlighted some issues that may arise and also one possible solution

  • delete prefab children while outside prefab mode

    #UnityTips Version 2022.3 allows you to delete prefab children while outside prefab mode and now has this neat box to replace prefabs easily.#indiedev #gamedev

  • switch off Editor shortcuts

    #UnityTips In newer Version of Unity you can switch off Editor shortcuts in the game view to not trigger Editor functionality while testing your game.#gamedev

  • undo history

    #UnityTips By clicking on the clock icon or hitting CTRL + U you can access the undo history! Available since Unity 2021.2 and onward.#gamedev #indiedev pic.tw

  • export your editor layout

    #UnityTips Did you know you can export your editor layout to a file and share it with your friends/colleagues? Especially useful if you use a lot of special vi

  • cheat sheet for C#8

    #UnityTips Here is a little cheat sheet for the C# 8.0 pattern matching. Especially the nested null check is very useful! Keep in mind which variables are poin

  • UI Scaling

    #UnityTips If the menus and fonts in Unity are too small for you and wish you they could be made bigger, here's the answer. Yes, you can increase the size of t

  • Know your access modifiers

    #UnityTips Know your access modifiers. Especially when working in a team it is vital to handle the availability of classes and their members. All details in th

  • instant access to the frame debugger

    #UnityTips The 2022 cycle of unity gave us an instant access to the frame debugger directly in the gameview window! It is the little things sometimes!#gamedev