• How to setup Volumetric Clouds in Unity – HDRP Tutorial (Part 1)

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to add stunning Volumetric Clouds to your Unity3D project using Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline.

  • Free Raspberry E-Book

    Already in 2020, Sebastian Pohl brought "Raspberry Pi: Kompendium: Linux, Programmierung und Projekte“ a Book on the market that reflects his passion for do-it

  • Making Acid Liquid with Shader Graph in Unity

    For our game BEAM we recently needed a shader that visualized some sort of acid or nuclear waste. After showing some pictures on our social media channels we g

  • In cooperation with LITE Games we present “MasterMind Deluxe”

    Logic puzzles are your thing? No brainteaser is too tricky for you? Your mastermind has cracked every code in the book? Then MasterMind Deluxe is perfect for y

  • Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Snow in 90 seconds

    This tutorial is our way to celebrate christmas with you all. For a convincing snow or rain effect with the vfx graph, use the Tile/Warp node and make the volu

  • Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Black Hole Explosion

    This tutorial goes a little deeper into the Visual Effect Graph. You will learn basic particle control, chaining effects, using update events and GPU Events.