With guests from politics, the games industry, universities, eSports and streaming, the Rhineland-Palatinate software and games forum GameUp! launched its GameUp! Live Event for the gamecom 2020.

In administrative and organizational record time, sponsored by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics and with the friendly support of Mainzer Breitband GmbH and the state capital Mainz, GameUp! was able to realize a three-day streaming event for this year’s gamescom under the technical direction and execution of Binary Impact GmbH from Niederelbert.

Guests included State Secretary for Economics Daniela Schmitt, game board member Stefan Marcinek, Andreas Garbe from the ZDF and board member of the investment and structural bank ISB Dr.Ulrich Link. In addition to companies such as Kalypso Media, Binary Impact and Grimbart Tales, universities and institutions such as the University of Kaiserslautern, klicksafe and medien+bildung.com of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Institute for Media and Communication also presented themselves.

„With GameUp! Live, we have successfully achieved a highly representative format for the Rhineland-Palatinate location at gamescom 2020 despite corona, which represents a great combination of talks, interviews, company presentations, cooperation with our regional streamers and the eSport players of Uniliga.gg“. the GameUp! project manager Ben Palfner is excited, „Despite Corona, we were even able to push the networking further. I see the consistently positive feedback as a signal to network more closely with eSport teams and regional streamers in the future.”

The three-day streaming program from the Club Imperial in the Alte Lokhalle in Mainz included podium discussions, interviews, company presentations, streamed Let’s Plays and external connections. The day’s program was rounded out in the evening with a Twitch exclusive League of Legends eSport tournament with the Uniliga.gg teams from the universities of Mainz, Koblenz, Trier and Kaiserslautern, which was commented and accompanied by the casters Tim „Probably“ Weckfort and Christopher „Slogan“ Newton. The winning team from the University of Mainz won 500,- EUR in prize money.

Also the assigned technical director Jens Wiechering of Binary Impact summarizes contently: „I think, the positive atmosphere in the Chat and the direct requests for further events of this format shows us and the whole team, how well the Stream was received. A future digital format seems to be a desirable goal“.

As an added benefit, the complete stream is available on-demand on YouTube, and in the next few days individual contents will be edited and supplemented again. 

The link to the YouTube channel of GameUp!