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Global Game Jam 2020 in Koblenz: 8 game projects in 48 hours


Last weekend, Binary Impact hosted the Global Game Jam for the third time in the row at TZK – Technologiezentrum Koblenz and for the fourth time in total. Under the motto „repair“ over 40 game jammers from all over germany and other european countries came together to spend a creative weekend.

At the final event on sunday, eight unique projects were presented. From environment fixing onions, over to desert pirates who need to repair their ship to colourful rythem games. We had them all. All games created in the context of the Global Game Jam in Koblenz can be viewed on the official website:

The Global Game Jam takes place at the end of january of every year. On many locations all over the world, programmers, graphic artists, game and sound designers come together to create games in less then 48 hours.

Global Game Jam 2020 in Koblenz: 8 game projects in 48 hours2020-02-07T09:21:28+01:00

Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Fireworks in 2 minutes


The year comes to an end and it is time to celebrate again. If you would like to add some fireworks to your project you can follow this simple tutorial and learn how to use GPU events for multi-stage effects.

All of us here at Binary Impact wish you all the best for 2020.

Here is a link to the complete tutorial playlist.

Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Fireworks in 2 minutes2020-01-14T17:45:40+01:00

Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Snow in 90 seconds


This tutorial is our way to celebrate christmas with you all. For a convincing snow or rain effect with the vfx graph, use the Tile/Warp node and make the volume follow the camera.

The one Texture needed for this VFX Graph Tutorial ►

We from Binary Impact wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy holiday season.

Here is a link to the complete tutorial playlist.

Unity Tutorial – Visual Effect Graph – Snow in 90 seconds2020-01-14T17:48:42+01:00

Beam is funded by the BMVI


We are very glad to announce to you that today the german Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has confirmed the funding of the production of Beam.

We benefit from the federal government’s support for computer games, which is intended to make Germany internationally competitive as a location for game developers.

Beam is funded by the BMVI2020-02-07T11:08:34+01:00

Global Game Jam 2020 im Technologiezentrum Koblenz


Der Global Game Jam ist ein weltweites, jährliches Event zu dem sich Programmierer, Designer und andere Interessierte treffen, um in kleinen Gruppen innerhalb eines Zeitrahmens von 48 Stunden zu einem grob vorgegebenen Thema ein Spiel zu erschaffen.

Dieses Jahr findet das Event vom 31.01.2020 bis zum 02.02.2020 statt. Zum vierten Mal gibt es auch in Koblenz eine Event-Location und zum dritten Mal in Folge stellt das Technologiezentrum Koblenz seine Räumlichkeiten zur Verfügung.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos und die einzige Voraussetzung ist, dass die Teilnehmer die Volljährigkeit erreicht haben.

Interessierte können sich auf der Webseite ( anmelden und sich am Freitag, 31.01. gegen 14 Uhr mit der benötigten Hardware am Technologiezentrum einfinden.

Die Vorstellung der einzelnen Projekte/Spiele findet dann am 02.02. gegen 17 Uhr statt und kann auch im eventeigenen Livestream verfolgt werden.

Global Game Jam 2020 at the Technologiezentrum Koblenz

The Global Game Jam is a worldwide, yearly event where programmers, designers and other people interested in game developement come together in small groups to create games to an annualy changing topic in less then 48 hours.

This year (from January 31st, 2020 to February 2nd, 2020) is the fourth time for the location in Koblenz/Germany and for the third time in a row the Technologiezentrum Koblenz will be hosting the event.

Participation is free and the only requirement is that the participants are 18 years or older.

Everyone who is interested can register on the website ( Doors will open on Friday, January 31st at around 2 p.m. at the Technologiezentrum Koblenz.

The presentation of the projects / games will take place on February 2nd around 5 p.m. and can also be watched in the event´s own livestream.

Global Game Jam 2020 im Technologiezentrum Koblenz2020-01-14T15:24:35+01:00

Unity Shadergraph Tutorial – Custom Shadergraph Loop Node


Part three in the Series about Cracked Ice Material. This tutorial shows how to create a custom node in unity’s shadergraph and use it to make the repetative part of the graph more compact.

Unity version for the tutorial has to be 2018.3. due to changes in the 2019.1. version.

To not leave the 2019.1 users hanging we created another short video that directly builds on this one (If you are on 2019.1 and want to try it out, please watch the video above first and then this one):

Here is a link to the complete tutorial playlist.

Unity Shadergraph Tutorial – Custom Shadergraph Loop Node2019-05-13T16:52:25+02:00

FMX 2019 Stuttgart


„The same procedure as every year, James!“

We are going to the FMX in Stuttgart. A week packed with interesting talks about the state of VFX and more. We also have our eyes on the unity workshops on the second and third day.

Meet us there or afterwards for drinks!

FMX 2019 Stuttgart2019-05-13T16:53:08+02:00

Beam @ Gamefest Berlin 12.4. – 14.4.2019


For the first time ever we are showcasing our game Beam.

We will be at the Gamefest Berlin from 12.4. to 14.4. with the support of the IndieArenaBooth.

If you are in Berlin with a little spare time on your hands come over to our booth and play Beam. Right on time we finished a 45 minute demo!

Have a talk with two of our developers and tell them what you liked or disliked about the game.

For all those who can’t be with us, you can still try the game. We uploaded our demo to! Just use this link: Beam on itch

Beam @ Gamefest Berlin 12.4. – 14.4.20192019-05-13T16:59:21+02:00

We are hosting the GlobalGameJam


For the third time we are hosting the Koblenz location of the GlobalGameJam.

This year again in cooperation with the TZK-Koblenz. For the next 60 hours more than 20 participants will try to come up with a fun game for the soon to be revealed topic.

We are all very excited what great ideas will be conceived on this weekend. If you want to take a peak, you can do that on Twitch. We are streaming live all weekend.

We are hosting the GlobalGameJam2019-05-13T16:56:56+02:00