Unity Shadergraph Tutorial – Custom Shadergraph Loop Node

07.05.2019|Categories: News|

Part three in the Series about Cracked Ice Material. This tutorial shows how to create a custom node in unity’s shadergraph and use it to make the repetative part of the graph more compact.

Unity version for the tutorial has to be 2018.3. due to changes in the 2019.1. version.

To not leave the 2019.1 users hanging we created another short video that directly builds on this one (If you are on 2019.1 and want to try it out, please watch the video above first and then this one): https://youtu.be/8rf0SlbJhcQ

Here is a link to the complete tutorial playlist.

FMX 2019 Stuttgart

29.04.2019|Categories: News|

„The same procedure as every year, James!“

We are going to the FMX in Stuttgart. A week packed with interesting talks about the state of VFX and more. We also have our eyes on the unity workshops on the second and third day.

Meet us there or afterwards for drinks!

Beam @ Gamefest Berlin 12.4. – 14.4.2019

03.04.2019|Categories: News|

For the first time ever we are showcasing our game Beam.

We will be at the Gamefest Berlin from 12.4. to 14.4. with the support of the IndieArenaBooth.

If you are in Berlin with a little spare time on your hands come over to our booth and play Beam. Right on time we finished a 45 minute demo!

Have a talk with two of our developers and tell them what you liked or disliked about the game.

For all those who can’t be with us, you can still try the game. We uploaded our demo to itch.io! Just use this link: Beam on itch