Version 0.1.0b25


During the last weeks we’ve been creeping in our home offices to finally present you a new version of our demo.

Not only can you now play a new level, but we have also taken the feedback from you, the content creators, viewers and supporters very seriously.
Several bug fixes, improvements and minor gameplay adjustments are included in this update.

Plus, there’s more for all ears now. Not only did we add background ambience sounds, but we also added FX sounds to several animations and actions.

If you have any questions regarding Beam, you can directly reach our community manager Zinni by mail (, join our Discord or send a DM in one of our socials.

Get the free demo here:

Wishlist the game:

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – Additional dialogue
  • Added – Atmospheric sounds
  • Added – A lot of audio stuff
  • Added – MARBLE visualization
  • Added – Landing Sound for MARBLE -> Glonck!
  • Added – FX-Sounds for many animations
  • Added – Bounce beam sound -> Oh it´s bouncy!
  • Added – Separate continue button to main menu
  • Added – Flamethrower!
  • Improved – Fire has now a dancing light effect
  • Improved – Rerecorded many MARBLE audio lines
  • Improved – Reworked Martins and MARBLEs voice effects
  • Improved – In a multi-monitor setup, Cursor now stays in game window
  • Improved – Levers and pressure plates with clear labeling of what they do (hopefully everywhere)
  • Improved – Blue container has a new model
  • Improved – Better time measurement for level completion time
  • Improved – Cheats invalidate the time for the current level
  • Improved – Ingame console with a lot of quality of life updates
  • Improved – Calculations for the audio sliders in the settings menu (you should have more range in the audio settings now)
  • Improved – Fog rendering by always enabling soft particles, also setting its render order later than default, so it will be rendered on top of decals etc.


  • Added – Level 1.1 – Additional dialogue
  • Added – Level 1.1 – Atmospheric track
  • Added – Level 1.1 – Additional camera cover
  • Improved – Level 1.1 – Camera path in the fire section
  • Improved – Level 1.1 – The repair station room completely
  • Fixed – Level 1.1 – Door sometimes not opens
  • Fixed – Level 1.1 – Several colliders
  • Added – Level 1.2 – Additional dialogue
  • Added – Level 1.2 – Atmospheric track
  • Fixed – Level 1.2 – Flying crystals are not flying crystals any more
  • Fixed – Level 1.2 – Several colliders
  • Added – Level 1.3 – Additional dialogue
  • Added – Level 1.3 – Atmospheric track
  • Added – Level 1.3 – Running cat sound
  • Improved – Level 1.3 – Less fire strength
  • Fixed – Level 1.3 – Several plane change triggers
  • Fixed – Level 1.3 – Light beams sometimes not working
  • Fixed – Level 1.3 – Crystal positions
  • Fixed – Level 1.3 – Several colliders
  • Added – Level 1.4
Version 0.1.0b252020-05-15T11:42:17+02:00

Version 0.1.0b8


A lot has changed in the last couple of months. This includes improved graphics, the fantastic work of our voice talents, a new, more minimalistic, user interface and much more. The demo will include the first three levels as they will be in the game later (mostly). Complete with story dialogues, lighting, music and everything that a game should have.

We are aiming to add two more levels the week after. Your first run will probably take about an hour for all five levels.

This demo will, other than bugfixes, not receive any more changes after.

We initially planed to show Beam at a lot of conventions, exhibitions and events. Unfortunately the Corona situation made it impossible. But with a bunch of very nice and entertaining content creators streaming Beam on Twitch you will still be able to see the game in action. Also keep an eye out for more YouTube coverage in the coming days!

Speaking of the pandemic situation, we want to assure you, all eight members of our team are safe and working from home. This will hopefully have no effect on the release plans.

If you have any questions regarding Beam, you can directly reach our community manager Zinni by mail (, join our Discord or send a DM in one of our socials.

Get the free demo here:

Wishlist the game:

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – Now finally possible to safe the game on special save station in the levels.
  • Added – By completing a level in the game it gets permanently unlocked and it can be selected from the „Chapter Select“ menu.
  • Added – Better occlusion culling.
  • Added – Resolution settings in the ingame menu.
  • Added – Windowed option in the ingame menu.
  • Added – General graphic quality settings. Which will be further improved to make the game run better on older machines.
  • Added – Options to rebind the controls in the ingame menu.
  • Added – Bug reporting with the ingame console. Refer to our Discord on how to send us the reports. No data is transferred automatically!
  • Added – Reporting file to track how fast people where in the levels so we can adjust the gameplay in relation to these information. Refer to our Discord on how to send us the reports. No data is transferred automatically!
  • Added – Additional music tracks in the game.
  • Added – Story dialogue between the MARBLE and Capt. Martin.
  • Added – Literally hundreds of new models and assets to improve the look and feel of a broken spaceship.
  • Improved – Overall visuals with atmospheric effects and new shaders and materials.
  • Improved – Beam Visuals and Beam activation effects.
  • Improved – All Beam interaction for a more consistent experience.
  • Improved – Camera and camera control.
  • Improved – All Movement behaviors.
  • Improved – To incorporate the new direction change in the levels we rebuilt them from scratch. So all level inside this demo will be fairly new even if you already played the demo before.
  • Fixed – All Red Beam Problems.
  • Fixed – Jumping bugs that occurred on some surfaces.
  • Fixed – Audio level settings not saved correctly.
  • Changed – Naming of levels now include the chapter they are in.


  • Changed – Level 1 now named 1.1 has been rebuilt extensively.
  • Changed – Level 2 now named 1.2 has been partly rebuilt.
  • Changed – Level 3 now named 1.3 is a completely new level, only some of the puzzles were added from the old level.
Version 0.1.0b82020-04-07T15:00:24+02:00

Patch Notes Version 0.0.1a25


This patch will also be the version you can play at Herofest 2019 come by our booth! We are also showing of the game in Cologne at the Indie Game Fest.

We took the incoming feedback from our social media channels and also what you had to say while playing the game on the EGX in Berlin two weeks ago.
We added a complete new section to Level 6 which makes it the biggest yet. This alone will add another 10 minutes to our demo, putting it close to one and a half hour.

As always we are very happy to receive your ideas and feedback.

Get the free demo here:
Wishlist the game:

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Fixed – A rare bug that did change the moving plane for the ball but would leave the camera on the old one.
  • Fixed – Linear movement of platforms not working correctly
  • Fixed – Camera stutter on some elevators
  • Improved – Combination lock code for Lever and Button puzzles
  • Improved – Pressure plates are not reacting to the gravity beam anymore, which had them fly away before. Funny but not practical.
  • Improved – Bounce speed from 850 squared to 950 squared – so more bounciness 🙂


  • Level 2 – Fixed – Removed the collider from the crane rope and with that the possibility to soft-lock the game in the hangar trapping the player on the gallery.
  • Level 2 – Improved – Camera cover in the towerclimb for a better overview.
  • Level 2 – Improved – Lighting in the hangar.
  • Level 2 – Improved – Unnecessary difficult jump out of the lever area.
  • Level 4 – Improved – Moved the two red beams closer to the ramp for better jump.
  • Level 5 – Improved – Lighting of the scene.
  • Level 5 – Improved – Better visible reaction of the level to switching off the reactor.
  • Level 5 – Changed – Exit is now through the turned off reactor.
  • Level 6 – Added – A whole actually pretty huge section got added to this already confusing level. Take your time to explore 🙂
  • Level 6 – Fixed – Some plane change volumes where slightly off
  • Level 6 – Fixed – Added missing colliders.
Patch Notes Version 0.0.1a252019-11-21T10:41:34+01:00

Version 0.0.1a24


This patch will also be the version you can play at EGX 2019 come by our booth!
We added a complete new Level for you to explore. Also, at some places in the game you can finally explore in the depth. So we heard you when you asked to explore the backlground.
Please give us more feedback we are always very happy to receive your ideas.

Get the free demo here:

Wishlist the game:

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Added – In special locations, you are now able to switch the playing plane. You can now enter background corridors. This will be indicated by a special icon
  • Added – Camera now turns smoothly between plane changes
  • Changed – Menu buttons now have clearly visible highlights, which also improves controller navigation
  • Changed – Camara movement has been smoothed to cause less nausea bouncing around.
  • Fixed – Linear Movement in spline moover.


  • Fixed – General – Boundaries and colliders of multiple sections have been reworked. Hopefully no bugging through walls anymore!
  • Changed – Level 1 – Added Tutorial to show how to switch planes (even before you learn to jump because you have to turn cameras before you jump! Wasn’t that the saying?)
  • Changed – Level 2 – Reworked upper section, this removes the long backtracking section.
  • Added – Level 2 – Hangar now features a moving crane which can be activated.
  • Added – Level 2 – Hangar now has a big vertical door, which may be opened.
  • Changed – Level 2 – Exit has now a new location and can be seen during the first section in the level. Can you spot it in the background?
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Barrel deadlock removed. Sorry!
  • Changed – Level 3 – Smoother barrel movement, we added platforms and stuff!
  • Fixed – Level 4 – Fixed some beam parts not working when interacting with fog. How the hell that happened we do not have a clue 😀
  • Added – Level 4 – Added a new platform in the abyss section to prevent you from falling too far down. We are not „getting over it!“
  • Changed – level 4 – Red beam section before the abyss leap improved, it is now a bit easier to get up into the ventilation tunnels.
  • Added – Level 5 – A complete new level to explore! ‚Nuff said!
Version 0.0.1a242019-10-31T10:53:49+01:00

Version 0.0.1a22


This is a minor post GamesCom 2019 patch. We mostly reacted to your feedback and fiddled with the levels. A crate here, a few degrees rotate a lightbeam there. Also added a max speed value to the red bounce beams which gives a much more desired behaviour.

  • Fixed – UI in Level 2
  • Added – A maxspeed factor to red beams
  • Added – Placed boxes after fall down in abyss in Level 4
  • Added – Placed a box in first gravity puzzle in Level 6
  • Fixed – minor things overall
Version 0.0.1a222019-08-27T10:18:19+02:00

Version 0.0.1a21


This patch will also be the version you can play at our GamesCom 2019 booth (Hall 2.1 Booth A050). We reworked most of the movement to make it more „crisp“. A few bugs we had with the cinemachine are fixed as well. We also did a big rework of the tutorial level and added a completely broken part of the ship. Please give us some feedback about that section, because we want to add this damaged style to all the levels for more immersion into the storyline that is yet to come.

Let’s dive into the details:


  • Changed – Tweaked camera values to work better with the already built levels. Again xD
  • Changed – More responsive direction change, because physics!
  • Changed – Fog behavior with math.
  • Fixed- Debugged camera look ahead functionality
  • Fixed – Sometimes not jumping when in a corner. But you have to admit sometimes corners are cozy.
  • Fixed – Fog particles getting propelled with the ball upwards and activating undesired beams.
  • Fixed – Ball could sometimes collide with the physics field of the gravity beams.
  • Removed – We removed the wall jump also in the easy mode. We felt that is was not the right mechanic for this game and instead you are motivated to use the light-beams as intended.
  • Added – Slightly more gravitational pull on falling to add that „crisp“ feeling mentioned in the introduction.
  • Fixed – Minor house keeping and cleanup also fetched the dry-cleaning and made coffee.


  • Added – Level 1 – New damaged section with lighting effects and new models.
  • Added – Level 2 – Added two small container to make jumps on a gib one a little bit easier for new players.
  • Changed – Level 3 – Added a small platform for better handling of the barrel
  • Changed – Level 3 – Moved the platform at the first red riddle on the top right so the ball fits between the platform and the orange beam.
  • Changed – Level 3 – First red puzzle fix, beam angled more towards the right side
  • Changed – Level 5 – New colors on the color indicators of the lever riddle in the reactor level

Download the game here:

Wishlist it on steam:

Version 0.0.1a212019-08-12T12:26:55+02:00

Version 0.0.1a20


Due to events like the FMX and our preparation for the Unity Dev Day Hamburg this patch is slightly smaller. Mostly camera work and graphic / animation changes, but lets look at the details:


  • Changed – Tweeked camera values to work better with the already built levels.
  • Changed – Input system upgraded to new internal version. Removed wrapper classes for a more direct handling.
  • Changed – Moved the text prompts to the lower lefthand corner so it is no longer in the way of the scene.
  • Fixed – Bug where you could input commands while window not in focus and not rendering.
  • Added – Script controll for the rotation script and callbacks to the splinewalker.
  • Level

  • Added – New Container models for the old red container and the old silo container.
  • Added – Level 5 – Animation to the gear wheel on the first elevator.
  • Changed – Level 1 – Camera Cover to not see stars through the wall.
  • Changed – All Level – Little crystal adjustements.
  • Version 0.0.1a202019-07-09T18:03:57+02:00

    Version 0.0.1a19


    This weeks Patch is a bigger one since we updated Unity to the 2019.1 official release, updated all the camera controls and much more. Also a lot of the demo level riddles got a little rework in reaction to feedback of the many active players / testers that we are lucky to have.


  • Fixed – A bug that let you gain infinite momentum when using controlls in the menu.
  • Added – Complete navigation control for all control types to the menues.
  • System

  • Changed – Increased general camera distance to the MARBLE.
  • Improved – Camera System to reduce shaking at edges and all in all much smoother movement with a better overview on what is happening.
  • Improved – Well we will see if it is an improvement but we updated Unity to 2019.1
  • Improved – Audio Mastering and levels
  • Improved – UI text messages have a dark and transparent background for better reading.
  • Improved – UI pressure bar fades color.
  • Added – MARBLE explosion.
  • Added – Player Crushable so you can crush yourself with lightbeams. Beware!
  • Fixed – Console Null reference when try to get last command but no commands in history.
  • Level

  • Fixed – Some not belonging wall parts in the middle of the „role of shame“ part in level 2
  • Improved – Level 0 – Visuals for the first control room and (re)added monitor flickering
  • Improved – Level 0 – Visuals – Added Windows to see the space to better establish the setting.
  • Improved – Level 0 – First Introduction of lightbeams to avoid players dying to collision or getting out of bounds.
  • Improved – Level 2 – Middle part red bounce climb. Better interaction with the container and the understanding of the light beam mechanics.
  • Improved – Level 2 – First red bounce riddle and rebuilt with input from the players, now it is your fault 😛
  • Improved – Level 6 – Block beam now part of the hanging catwalk and moves with it.
  • Version 0.0.1a192019-04-28T17:28:27+02:00

    Version 0.0.1.a18


    For the easter weekend we have another patch for you. Especially after seeing some of the bugs in different streams xD


  • Fixed – Controls not working in the main menu for some players after playing one or more level.
  • Added – Complete navigation control for all control types to the menues.
  • Level

  • Added – Broken gangway in tutorial to prevent players from shooting through the level after the anti-grav-shaft.
  • Improved – Rearanged beam tutorial text box triggers.
  • Fixed – Level 5 – The „Waschtrommel“ now has no collider errors that allow beams to go through.
  • Fixed – Level 5 – Missing collider in reaktor.
  • Fixed – Level 6 – Missing collider at the current end of the hangar.
  • Added – Level 6 – A box after the closing door to prevent people from loosing the barrel after seeing it in a stream and thinking D’oh!
  • Fixed – Level 6 – crane not moving riddle now solvable as intended.
  • Version 0.0.1.a182019-04-21T10:33:23+02:00

    Version 0.0.1a17


    After the extensive and awesome feedback we got at the gamefest in Berlin, here the first of many patches to come.


  • Fixed – more then one key on the keyboard triggers a jump.
  • Fixed – A button on controllers shoots fog.
  • Improved – Escape (keyboard) and Start (Controller) now also closes the pause menu again.
  • Improved – Mouse Cursor now disappears when using the Controller.
  • Changed – Right Stick now only aims the fog to actually shoot it you need to use the right trigger.
  • Added – Mouse Cursor is now a fancy Icon.
  • Added – A wide array of dual stick controllers.
  • Added – Possibility to choose between direct fog / aim and trigger.
  • System

  • Added – Console command to show different stats about the game and the system.
  • Changed – Ball fog recharge rate by -30%.
  • Level

  • Fixed – Level 3 – Fogdensity in fogpit in abyss challenge.
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Missing Collider over wrong Pipesystem in abyss challenge.
  • Fixed – Level 3 – Flying Box on second overhanging container entry.
  • Improved – Lever prefab now has a socket.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Deleted the pipe that was blocking the view to the control screen on final lever.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Added missing collider on first red bounce beam.
  • Improved – Level 1 – Added missing collider top left side of hangar.
  • Improved – Reactor Level – Added missing collider on the strange rotating machine above the reactor.
  • Improved – Level 2 – Container in each other on first red challenge.
  • Changed – Reactor Level – Postprocess stack not prefab.
  • Version 0.0.1a172019-04-17T16:54:34+02:00
    Nach oben